National Consultant to facilitate the activation of the Women´s Advisory Board for the Sustainable Peacebuilding on both banks of Nistru river.

Vacancy Number: Pr22/02659

Location:Chisinau, Moldova
Application Deadline: 16 Jan 2023, 12:59 (GMT+2:00)
Application Extended deadline:
23 Jan 2023, 12:59 (GMT+2:00)
Starting date: 01 Feb 2023
Reference to the project: UN Women
Expected Duration of Assignment:Up to 120 working days within a 12 calendar months period
Supporting Documents:
Annex I. Price Proposal Guideline and Template
Annex II. Price Proposal Submission Form
Personal History Form (P11) UN Women
UN Women Conditions of Service Consultants


UN Women, grounded in the vision of equality enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, works for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls; the empowerment of women; and the achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace and security.

The work of UN Women in Moldova is guided by its new Country Strategic Note 2023-2027, aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework for Moldova (2023-2027), UN Women Global Strategic Plan, National Programs and Strategies and aims to contribute to the gender-responsive implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Strategic Note focuses on four main areas: 1) Ending Violence against Women; 2) Women’s Leadership and Governance; 3) Women’s Economic empowerment and 4) Humanitarian and Peace development nexus and UN Coordination on Gender equality.  

UN Women’s work on women, peace, and security is guided by 10 UN Security Council resolutions—1325, 1820, 1888, 1889, 1960, 2106, 2122, 2242, 2467, and 2493—and is bolstered by a number of related normative frameworks, which make up the broader women, peace, and security (WPS) agenda. Although the Agenda achieved wide acceptance as an international policy framework, being integrated into various development and peace programs, women remain excluded or under-represented in most formal peace processes[1].

In Moldova, since 1992, the protracted conflict between the two banks of the river Nistru poses a potential threat to the overall stability of the country and the region. The Transnistrian settlement process is conducted by using several formats of negotiations: 1+1 (at the level of Political Representatives of the Sides backed up by 11 Thematic Working Groups and three (3) subgroups on the level of experts) and the 5+2 format that includes OSCE, Russia and Ukraine as mediators and the US and the EU as observers.

Although a growing body of literature and studies demonstrate that women’s participation increases the probability of a lasting peace agreement[2], they are under-represented at all three-levels of peace talks, both in decision-making and at the level of working groups, thus issues with different implications for women and men have rarely been considered or discussed. The issue of women’s rights, including on the left bank of the Transnistrian region, and the participation of women in peacebuilding processes and women’s social inclusion has been raised by various international and regional actors in the past few years, who encouraged the Sides to advance the role of women in the settlement process[3].

The war in Ukraine launched by Russia on February 24, 2022, directly impacts the Transnistria conflict settlement process, particularly the “5+2 format” considering the stakeholders involved. However, meetings at the level of Political Representatives of the Sides and the activity of some of the joint thematic working groups continued. Considering the disproportionate consequences of the war on women and men, and the resulted predominantly women and children refugee inflow from Ukraine, seeking shelter on both banks of Nistru river, it becomes increasingly important that women’s perspectives and their role in all peacebuilding efforts, including post-conflict rebuilding, is elevated.

In light of the above-mentioned considerations, UN Women Moldova has established an informal Women´s Advisory Board (WAB) for the Sustainable Peacebuilding on both banks of Nistru river to bolster implementation of Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda and meaningful participation of women in peacebuilding processes.  

Scope of work

Under the overall guidance and direct supervision of the UN Women Programme Officer on Women, Peace and Security, the selected national consultant will facilitate the activity of the Women Advisory Board, including needs assessment, knowledge sharing and experience exchange as well as capacity building on the linkage between conflict resolution and equal rights of men and women, analysis of topics under discussion during the settlement process from the gender equality perspective.

The Consultant is expected to carry out the following tasks:

  • Collect and systemize the gender equality issues voiced by members from the constituencies they are coming from in alignment with the settlement process areas;
  • Consolidate the priorities and needs identified by WAB members, offering support with conceptualization and implementation of the proposals;
  • Keep regular communication with the members, collect and provide systematic feedback on the issues under discussion;
  • Facilitate the WAB functionality, incl. but not limited to organizing meetings, roundtables, exchanges according to the Work Plan;
  • Identify training needs and arrange the organization of capacity development activities on specific thematic topics required or needed by WAB members, in cooperation with UN Women; 
  • Facilitate communication with interested parties on the outputs produced by WAB and other relevant matters, in consultation with UN Women;
  • Perform other relevant tasks, as requested by UN Women for the successful implementation of the assignment.

Requirements for experience


  • Bachelor’s degree in social sciences, law, communication, international relations, security or other related fields;
  • Additional training and certifications on gender equality is an advantage;


  • At least three (3) years of administrative experience, organization and/or delivery of capacity building activities, organization of events, conferences etc.;
  • Working experience and/or knowledge of the security and peacebuilding context, particularly on the Transnistrian conflict settlement process is a strong asset;
  • Experience in working with civil society organizations, state institutions is a strong advantage;
  • Experience in working with UN agencies and/or other international organizations is an asset;\

Language Requirements

  • Excellent command of Romanian, Russian and English languages;
  • Working knowledge of one or more additional languages relevant for Moldova, including Bulgarian, Gagauzian, Romani, Ukrainian or sign language is an asset;

Documents to be included

Interested candidates must submit via online submission system the following documents/ information to demonstrate their qualification:

  • Letter of Intent with justification of being the most suitable for the work, vision and working approach, specifically indicating experience of promoting gender equality and strategic planning
  • Duly filled Personal History Form (P11) and/or CV, including records on past experience in similar projects/assignments and specific outputs obtained; P11 can be downloaded at;
  • Financial proposal (in MDL) - Specifying a total lump sum amount for the tasks specified in this Terms of Reference). The financial proposal shall include a breakdown of this lump sum amount (daily rate and number of anticipated working days and any other possible costs); Please see Annex I: Price Proposal Guideline and Template and Annex II: Price Proposal Submission Form