Title: Detailed design for construction works for Ministry of internal Affairs- SEESAC.

Reg. no.: RfP17/01650

Launch date: 27 November 2017, 16:19 (GMT+2:00)

Deadline: 11 December 2017, 15:00 (GMT+2:00)

Extended deadline: 18 December 2017, 17:00 (GMT+2:00)

Procurement method: Request for Proposal

Category & Sub-category: Civil Works;Construction & Engineering Services


The United Nations Development Programme in Moldova (UNDP) hereby invites you to submit a Proposal to this Request for Proposal (RFP) for the:

Detailed design for construction works including elaboration of bill of quantities and costs estimates for the upgrade of physical security and access control for the prospective General Police Inspectorate SALW and ammunition storage location in Mesager Street in Chisinau within the “Fulger” Special Operations Police Brigade training center, the evidence room in the Police Directorate Bălți, the evidence room in the Police Directorate Cahul

Contact Details for submitting clarifications/questions 

Technical inquiries:

Victor Lucasenco - victor.lucasenco@yahoo.com

Bidding Process inquiries:

Tamara Svircev - tamara.svircev@undp.org

Offers can be submitted either in hard copy, or electronically. Offers received by fax will be rejected. Incomplete offers shall not be examined.

  1. a) Documents/offers in hard copy need to be submitted in a sealed envelope and addressed to:
    UNDP Moldova
    131, 31 August 1989 Street, MD-2012, Chisinau
    Attention: Registry Office/Procurement
  2. b) Offers sent electronically need to be addressed to the following e-mail address:


Supporting documents:

Request for Proposal
Sections 4-7

Clarification Questions & Answers:

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