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Title: UNICEF MOLDOVA LRQS-2023-9182875 Event management services supporting the organization of 2 LEGO training sessions (2,5 days per session, 7 groups total).

UN tender

Reg. no.: UN Tender23/02685

Launch date: 23 May 2023, 15:18 (GMT+2:00)

Deadline: 30 May 2023, 11:00 (GMT+2:00)

Procurement method: UN Tender


UNICEF Moldova invites interested companies to submit their proposals for Provision of event management services supporting the organization of 2 LEGO training sessions (2,5 days per session, 7 groups total) to strengthen capacities of ECE staff in acquiring new skills in playful pedagogy


Purpose of the event management services

To ensure the event management support for conducting of 2 training sessions (2,5 days per training) for a total of 210 participants. The events will take place in Chisinau, in the period June – August 2023, in one of the pre-school educational institutions which will host the trainings at no cost. 

The trainings will be organized in two rounds, 2,5 days per round:

  • The initial round of trainings will be conducted simultaneously for 4 groups of 30 participants each,
  • The second subsequent round will be organized for 3 groups of 30 participants each.


Objectives of the event management services

  • Accommodation for LEGO foundation master trainers (8 pers, 7 nights, suggested but not mandatory- Hotel Jolly Alon). Trainers are provided by UNICEF.
  • Print tags for LEGO foundation master trainers (8 pcs)
  • Pick up LEGO sets from the warehouse (Chisinau) and deliver to the training locations
  • Provide facilitator equipment set: laptop, projector, mobile screen, flipchart, stationery, for 4 rooms for the first round of trainings, and 3 rooms for the second round of trainings.
  • Printing and distribution of materials to the participants (agenda, feedback forms, learning materials- aprox 1000 pages total)
  • Prepare and distribute participant kits (notebook, pen with UNICEF Logo) for 210 participants
  • Register the participants- paper registration
  • Organize coffee breaks and lunches for 210 participants, trainers and translators (two coffee breaks and one lunch per day)
  • Ensure water for participants, trainers and translators
  • Ensure dinners for LEGO foundation master trainers (8 trainers)
  • Cover translators’ fees Ukrainian - Romanian (1 translator per training). Translators to be provided by the agency. (one session- 4 translators, second session 3 translators)
  • Ensure transportation of translators if needed (Bucuresti – Chisinau – Bucuresti or Cernauti – Chisinau - Cernauti)
  • Ensure accommodation and dinners for translators if needed
  • Provide the workshop set for each group: (flip chart paper, markers, cards, post-it, coloured paper, etc.)
  • Pick-up 4 roll-up banners from UNICEF (850x2000mm) and install them in the training rooms
  • Provide photo services: one photographer for 2 days, 2 hours per day, to take photos of the events. A selection of 30 photos/day made in the middle of each round of the trainings
  • Print 210 certificates and have them signed for participants
  • Provide event management and organizational support during and after the event
  • Tentative training schedule: 12.06.23; 13.06.03; 14.06.23 (half-day); 15.06.23; 16.06.23; 17.06.23 (half-day)


Qualifications and experience

  • Extended experience in organization and implementation of training events and workshops.
  • Ability to deliver good products in short terms and work under pressure.
  • Flexibility in responding to the needs of the UNICEF team.


 Submission instructions

  • Bid Submission Deadline: 30 May 2023 11:00 (EET), any Bids received after the Submission Deadline will be rejected.
  • Bid clarifications.Proposers are required to submit any questions in respect of this RFQS by e-mail to Cristina Dorogan at The deadline for receipt of any questions is Friday, 26 May 2023, 17:00 (EET).
  • The official address for e-mail submission is:, no other UNICEF e-mails in cc.
  • Proposals should be submitted in one e-mail containing following labelled annexes:
  • A scanned copy of the bid (price quotation) duly signed and dated, indicating total lump sum amount, as well as a detailed breakdown of budget items (as per the Terms of Reference/Annex B from the RFQS document)
  • Filled and signed Quotation Form (pages 2-4 of the RFQS document), with offer lump sum provided, in MDL, without VAT
  • Company’s profile with a proven record of relevant experience
  • List and CVs of persons to be involved in the activities
  • Proposed work plan for the activities
  • E-mail subject should contain the number of the Request for Quotation: LRQS-2023-9182875
  • Validity of the proposal should be at least 120 days


For additional details on the proposal submission rules please refer to the point 1. Bid Submission Schedule page 6-8 from the attached RFQS document.

For additional details on deliverables and minimum requirements please refer to the Terms of References-Annex B enclosed in the attached RFQS document.

Please find inclosed the Questions Clarification file, that will be periodically updated by adding the questions from bidders/answers from UNICEF for your information.






Supporting documents:

LRQS-2023-9182875 Event Management support LEGO Trainings adv
Questions Clarification LRQS-2023-9182875 LEGO Trainings