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Title: UNICEF LRPS-2023-9183082 Road freight transportation services.

UN tender

Reg. no.: UN Tender23/02691

Launch date: 01 June 2023, 11:02 (GMT+2:00)

Deadline: 22 June 2023, 11:00 (GMT+2:00)

Procurement method: UN Tender


UNICEF RFPS-9183082 Road freight transportation services

UNICEF Moldova invites interested companies to submit their proposals for provisions of road freight transportation services


The overall objective of setting up the LTAs is to facilitate and speed up purchasing professional national road freight services for UNICEF Country Office. The companies to be engaged in LTAs through a competitive process shall provide services along the LTAs duration on a fixed price basis. Road freight transportation services will be provided on territory of within Republic of Moldova.

Qualifications and experience:


  • valid license in road freight transport for the last three years
  • owned, leased or sub-contracted fleet to cover all the transport categories as per the LTA
  • at least 3 years of experience in national cargo transportation services
  • previous work experience with UN Agencies or similar corporate arrangements
  • ability to take orders upon short notice
  • ability to promptly sub-contract vehicles and staff to ensure the services are delivered on time and of the required quality
  • valid insurance for personnel, cargo and for third party damages
  • proof of financial standing by providing bank statements and/or audit reports of the past two years
  • will provide services to UNICEF on a priority basis


  • Provide one or more focal points that can be contacted at all times who is responsible for liaising with UNICEF. English proficiency will be an asset
  • Ensure enough experienced and qualified personnel are available to respond, within a reasonable extent, to emergency situations and rapid response outside of regular working hours, if necessary.
  • fully qualified and licensed in accordance with the applicable Moldovan law for the provision of services
  • have at least 2 years of relevant professional experience
  • provide the CVs of all personnel assigned to working with UNICEF
  • UNICEF reserves the right to request the assignment of additional personnel or the replacement of personnel dealing with UNICEF shipments, and the Contractor shall comply with such requests

Bid Submission Deadline: 22 June 2023 11:00 (EEST)

Bid clarifications. Proposers are required to submit any questions in respect of this RFPS by e-mail to Eugeniu Prodan at . The deadline for receipt of any questions is Friday, 16 June 2023, 17:00 (EEST).

The official address for e-mail submission is:, no other UNICEF e-mails in cc.

Proposals should be submitted in 2 separate e-mails: Technical Proposal and Request for Proposal for Services Form (page 3 of the LRPS-2023-9183082) in one e-mail and another separate e-mail for the Price Proposal.

E-mail subject should contain the number of the Request for proposals LRPS-2023-9183082.

For additional details on the proposal submission rules please refer to the point 1.2 Instructions for proposal submission page 5-6 from the attached RFPS document.

Additional details on the assignment and how to apply please find in the Terms of References-Annex B enclosed in the attached RFPS document.

Supporting documents:

LRPS-2023-9183082 Road freight transportation services.pdf
Q&A, LRPS-2023-9183082 Road freight transportation services.pdf
Q&A, LRPS-2023-9183082 Road freight transportation services.pdf