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Title: UNICEF Moldova LRPS-2023-9185221 Event management support in organizing 45 training sessions.

UN tender

Reg. no.: UN Tender23/02745

Launch date: 05 September 2023, 17:28 (GMT+2:00)

Deadline: 26 September 2023, 11:00 (GMT+2:00)

Procurement method: UN Tender


UNICEF Moldova invites interested companies to submit their proposals for event management support in organizing 45 training sessions to strengthen capacities of  health professionals in International Guide for Monitoring Child Development (GMCD).


Purpose of the event management services

To ensure the event management support for conducting of 45 training sessions (2 days per training) for a total of 900 participants, devised into groups of 20 participants each. The events will take place in Chisinau, in the period October - December 2023. The training sessions are scheduled for 1.5 days in conference room settings and 0.5 day in hospital settings.


Objectives of the event management services

  • Rent 2 conference halls for 4 training groups (4 days per week: ,2 days for 8 hours, 2 days for 4 hours’’) (10 weeks, for reference: Jolly Allon: Lobby and Orion)
  • Rent 2 conference rooms per training (2 days per week: 1 day for 8 hours, 1 day for 4 hours; 5 weeks total, for reference: Villa Verde)
  • Accommodation services for 455 participants single rooms (2 nights with breakfast, for reference: Jolly Allon Hotel)
  • Accommodation services for 100 participants single rooms (2 nights with breakfast, for reference: Vila Verde)
  • Transportation costs for 22 persons to health facilities (Chisinau Municipal Children's Hospital V. Ignatenco, bus rental for Centru – Botanica – Centru) (2 times per week, 10 weeks)
  • Organize coffee breaks and lunches for 900 participants, inclusive 2 trainers per training (two coffee breaks and one lunch per day, the second coffee break will be provided during the lunch) Total: 1980 lunches and 3960 coffee breaks.
  • 2 dinners for participants staying at the hotel (555 participants) Total: 1110 dinners.
  • Prepare participant kits (folder, notebook and pens with UNICEF Logo) for 900 participants and distribute the materials.
  • Multiplication of the GMCD guide (1000 copies, A4, colour, two-sided, 87 pages per guide, spiral binding book).
  • Print tags for facilitators (7 facilitators) - 7 name tags.
  • Register the participants – paper registration.
  • Provide multimedia equipment and ensure its functionality during the trainings (5 laptops, 5 projectors).
  • Provide the workshop set (1 flipchart per group, flipchart paper –1 pack per group, 10 sets of markers (red, green, black, blue))
  • Ensure water for participants and trainers (900 participants, 2 trainers per training) Total: 1980 water bottles.
  • Pick-up 5 roll-up banners (850x2000mm) from UNICEF and install them in the training rooms.
  • Take photos of the first day of the event (a selection of 30 photos made in the first day of training, including hospital settings).
  • Print 900 (A4, coloured) certificates and have them signed for participants.
  • Provide event management and organisational support during and after the event.


 Qualifications and experience

  • Extended experience (at least 4 years) in organization and implementation of training events and workshops.
  • Ability to deliver good products in short terms and work under pressure.
  • Flexibility in responding to the needs of the UNICEF team.


The submission consists of Technical and Financial Proposals, which must be completed, signed and returned to UNICEF Moldova as proposed in the attached Request for Proposals for Services (RFPS) document.


Submission instructions:

  • Bid Submission Deadline: 26 September 2023 11:00 (EEST), any Bids received after the Submission Deadline will be invalidated.
  • Bid clarifications. Proposers are required to submit any questions in respect of this RFPS by e-mail to Cristina Dorogan at The deadline for receipt of any questions is 21 September 2023, 17:00 (EEST).
  • The official address for e-mail submission is: chisinautenders@unicef.orgno other UNICEF e-mails must be cc-ed.
  • Proposals should be submitted in 2 separate e-mails: Technical Proposal and Request for Proposal for Services Form (pages 3-5 of the LRPS-2023-9185221) in one e-mail and another separate e-mail for the Financial/Price Proposal.
  • Request for Proposals for Services Form must be filled and signed and included in the Technical offer e-mail/envelope.
  • Please pay attention: by answering YES to the Declaration statements (included in the Request for Proposals for Services Form) it means you didn't participate in the listed actions, by answering NO it means you did participate in the listed actions.
  • All Technical/Price Proposals files must be included in the email, no external links.
  • Proposals must be clearly marked with the RFPS number: LRPS-2023-9185221 in the e-mail title or on the envelope.
  • Validity period of the proposal must be not less than 120 days.
  • Joint venture/consortium/subcontractor arrangements are addressed in the Technical Proposal.
  • Currency of the proposal- MDL.


For additional details on the proposal submission rules please refer to the point 1. Proposal Submission Schedule page 7-9 from the attached RFPS document.

For additional details on deliverables, technical and price proposal content and minimum requirements please refer to the Terms of References-Annex B enclosed in the attached RFPS document.

Please find inclosed the Questions Clarification file containing questions from the bidders and answers from UNICEF for your information. 

Supporting documents:

LRPS-2023-9185221 45 GMCD training sessions
Questions Clarification file