Current Competitions: 17

Launch date Category & Sub-category Title Deadline
29 Feb 2024 RfQ24/02825 Goods;Furniture & Fittings Manufacture and supply of furniture for the Police Academy’s Forensic Laboratory
20 Mar 2024, 16:30 (GMT+2:00)
28 Feb 2024 UN Tender24/02824 General IOM_RFQ-MD10-2024-024_Provision of ”Fuel (diesel) for EUBAM car fleet” / Furnizare de „Combustibil (diesel) pentru parcul auto EUBAM”
19 Mar 2024, 23:59 (GMT+2:00)
27 Feb 2024 EoI24/02823 Grants;Grants to Beneficiaries AdTrade/2024_Programul De Susținere A Întreprinderilor Micro, Mici Și Mijlocii / AdTrade/2024_Программа Поддержки микро, малых и средних предприятий
26 Mar 2024, 23:59 (GMT+2:00)
27 Feb 2024 UN Tender24/02822 General IOM_RFQ-MD007_ICT Equipment for ANOFM_Re-advertised
06 Mar 2024, 23:59 (GMT+2:00)
27 Feb 2024 UN Tender24/02821 General UNICEF Moldova LRFQ-2024-9188146 Hygiene kits for 48 schools - reannounced
Extended deadline: 05 Mar 2024, 11:00 (GMT+2:00)
23 Feb 2024 UN Tender24/02820 General IOM_RFQ: MD10-2024-014_Purchase of Access and Security Equipment/Ahizitionare a Echipamentelor de Access si Securitate
14 Mar 2024, 23:59 (GMT+2:00)
23 Feb 2024 UN Tender24/02819 General IOM_RFQ: MD10-2024-012 / Purchase of IT Equipment / Achiziționarea de Echipamente IT
14 Mar 2024, 23:59 (GMT+2:00)
27 Feb 2024 RfQ24/02818 Goods;Medical and Laboratory Equipment Purchase of specialized forensic equipment for the Training Laboratory of the Police Academy from Moldova (4 LOTs)
18 Mar 2024, 16:29 (GMT+2:00)
14 Feb 2024 UN Tender24/02817 General IOM_RFQ-MD008/24_TETRA radio station monitoring software platform
27 Feb 2024, 17:59 (GMT+2:00)
Extended deadline: 11 Mar 2024, 23:59 (GMT+2:00)
13 Feb 2024 UN Tender24/02816 General IOM_RFQ-MD010-24_Provision of body camera solution
26 Feb 2024, 23:59 (GMT+2:00)
Extended deadline: 12 Mar 2024, 17:59 (GMT+2:00)
07 Feb 2024 RfP24/02815 Services;Other services PRIM / Provision of support services for advancing entrepreneurial capacities and economic opportunities in the three beneficiary micro-regions in target communities
05 Mar 2024, 16:30 (GMT+2:00)
08 Feb 2024 EoI24/02811 General EU-CBM: Support to local community development on both banks of Nistru River
13 Mar 2024, 16:00 (GMT+2:00)
08 Feb 2024 RfP24/02808 Services;Other services Services to develop and pilot a digital literacy programme with a focus on inclusion of women and girls in the regions
29 Feb 2024, 16:30 (GMT+2:00)
Extended deadline: 07 Mar 2024, 16:30 (GMT+2:00)
19 Feb 2024 RfP24/02807 General EU-CBM: Development of a Network of Insider Mediators and Their Capacity Building for Cross-River Thematic Platforms and Communities
11 Mar 2024, 16:30 (GMT+2:00)
18 Jan 2024 RfP24/02801 Services;ICT Services Development of a new contraventions case management software solution “E-Dosar Contraventional” for the internal affairs system
08 Feb 2024, 16:30 (GMT+2:00)
Extended deadline: 22 Feb 2024, 16:29 (GMT+2:00)
Extended deadline: 22 Mar 2024, 16:29 (GMT+2:00)
08 Feb 2024 ItB24/02798 Services;Other services EU4MD / Development of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System in Ungheni
06 Mar 2024, 16:30 (GMT+2:00)
25 Jan 2024 RfQ24/02796 Services;Other services Services for legal framework enhancement and public perception assessment of the Smart Electricity Meters Pilot initiative
08 Feb 2024, 16:30 (GMT+2:00)
Extended deadline: 15 Feb 2024, 16:30 (GMT+2:00)
Extended deadline: 26 Feb 2024, 16:30 (GMT+2:00)
Extended deadline: 04 Mar 2024, 16:30 (GMT+2:00)

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Information related to Registration and Bidding through UNDP Quantum Supplier Portal


Dear Suppliers, Consultants and Partners,

Welcome to the UNDP Quantum Supplier Portal at !

In this portal you will be able to register as a new UN supplier or partner, update your existing supplier profile, submit bids and participate on current procurement, view Purchase Orders and Agreements issued under your name, and submit Invoices.

This Quantum Supplier Portal serves as the single point of entry to access opportunities and work with any or all of the following UN Agencies:

  1. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP),
  2. United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA),
  3. United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women),
  4. United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF),
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  6. United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC),
  7. United Nations Volunteers (UNV),
  8. United Nations University (UNU) and
  9. Multi-Partners Trust Fund (MPTF). 

 Once you complete your registration with any of the above UN Agency, your profile can be accessed and used by all other participating UN Agencies.

 If you had multiple vendor IDs in Atlas with any of the above UN Agencies, you may now have a single supplier number in Quantum, and the same number can be used by all UN agencies listed above.  All POs that will be issued under your name shall make use of that single new quantum supplier number.

 You may be registered for multiple business units within UN Agency or across UN Agencies.

 Should you have any query or encounter any issue while registering and completing your profile, please reach out to the Procurement Unit of UNDP Moldova at the address


Thank you. 

 United Nations Development Programme


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