EU4MD/ IT Consultant – Web architect.

Vacancy Number: Pr20/02087

Location:Chisinau, Moldova
Application Deadline: 15 Sep 2020, 16:00 (GMT+2:00)
Application Extended deadline:
21 Sep 2020, 12:00 (GMT+2:00)
Type of Contract:N/A
Starting date: 29 Sep 2020
Reference to the project: EU4Moldova: Focal regions
Expected Duration of Assignment:September– December 2020, up to 25 working days
Submission Instructions:

Proposals should be submitted online by pressing the "Apply Now" button no later than 15 September 2020.

Requests for clarification only must be sent by standard electronic communication to the following e-mail: UNDP will respond by standard electronic mail and will send written copies of the response, including an explanation of the query without identifying the source of inquiry, to all applicants.


Important notice

The applicant who has the statute of Government Official / Public Servant, prior to appointment will be asked to submit the following documentation:

  • a no-objection letter in respect of the applicant received from the government, and;
  • the applicant is certified in writing by the government to be on official leave without pay for the duration of the Individual Contract.

A retired government official is not considered in this case a government official, and as such, may be contracted.

Supporting Documents:
Terms of Reference
Individual Consultant Procurement Notice
UNDP General Conditions of Individual Contract


Ms. Liliana Caterov.


The EU4Moldova: focal regions Programme (further Programme) is based on the European Commission Implementing Decision on the Annual Action Programme 2018 in favour of the Republic of Moldova and is funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme.

The overall objective of the five-year Programme is to strengthen the economic, territorial and social cohesion in the Republic of Moldova through smart, green, inclusive, sustainable and integrated local socio-economic growth as well as by improving the standards of living of the citizens in the focal regions[1]: Cahul and Ungheni.

To this end, this Programme will address also the urban-rural divide as well as regional disparities, stimulate economic growth and job creation, refurbish and upgrade some social and technical infrastructure in selected areas (smaller towns and villages) while taking into account climate change and a gender perspective in the activities of the Programme.


Specific objectives:

  1. To strengthen transparency, accountability of local public authorities and people’s participation in local governance processes in the focal regions.
  2. To improve citizens' access to quality public services and utilities in the focal regions.
  3. To create employment opportunities for men, women and youth in the focal regions and improve the attractiveness of the focal regions for investors and entrepreneurs.
  4. To promote the SMART specialization of the economy of the focal regions through the development of the clustering and value chain approach in key economic sectors.


The Programme objectives will be achieved through measures targeted at: (i) capacity building to support the implementation and monitoring of local economic development plans; (ii) civil society engagement in local planning, governance processes and basic social service delivery; (iii) provision of investment funding in support of the creation and/or development of social and technical infrastructure which, combined with the outcomes from interventions (i) and (ii) above, will have an immediate, visible and tangible impact on employment creation, the standard of living of the population in the focal regions.


[1] The term “Focal region” is used to define the broader area of Cahul municipality (35 thousand inhabitants) and Ungheni municipality (32 thousand inhabitants), comprising adjacent rural communities (to be further defined).

Scope of work

The Programme intends to contract an experienced IT-Consultant – Web architect (further referred as Consultant) to assist the EU4Moldova: Focal Regions Programme to develop Technical Specs for the and websites upgrade. Both websites were developed at the launch Programme phase and need to be upgraded in order to be more interactive, mobile and user-friendly as well as re-engineering of the data back office.

Both websites will share the same architecture and among others will also serve as:

  1. a communication and visibility tool other than the primary source of information about the Programme activity;
  2. a tool to engage and provide services to different stakeholders from the target regions and beyond (in different areas, such as touristic, business, social, cultural etc.), and
  • an interactive platform to further promote interaction and collaboration among citizens, private sector and civil society organizations (pools, crowdsourcing campaigns).


The new architecture will unlock the potential functionalities of the current software while displaying the content in a more organized and well-structured, attractive, and user-friendly manner.

For detailed information, please refer to annexed Terms of Reference.

Requirements for experience

Academic Qualification:

  • University degree in computer science, engineering or the related field.


  • At least 5 years experience in system designing process;
  • At least 3 years of demonstrated experience in web technologies (PHP, C#, CSS, JSON, JavaScript, XML, MySQL, MVC, SOAP, REST), database development and optimization and programming;
  • Experience with CMS tools such as Drupal or Joomla;
  • Experience with frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony, Expression Engine or MS. Net is an asset;
  • Minimum 3 similar assignments of drafting technical specifications for development and/or upgrade of applications, dynamic websites for public authorities and/or international organization;
  • Previous experience/participation in carrying out needs’ analysis of public institutions (central or local public authorities, at least two similar analysis) and development projects/partners;
  • Experience working in/with projects financed by European Union, or other international organizations, including the UN Agencies will be considered an advantage.


  • Ability to analyse, plan, manage diversity of views;
  • Good understanding of the web technologies and programming, smart development and digital transformation;
  • Proven commitment to the core values of the United Nations respecting differences of culture, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, language, age, HIV status, disability, and sexual orientation, or other status.

Language requirements:

  • Fluency in Romanian and English are required.


The United Nations in Moldova is committed to workforce diversity. Women, persons with disabilities, Roma and other ethnic or religious minorities, persons living with HIV, as well as refugees and other non-citizens legally entitled to work in the Republic of Moldova, are particularly encouraged to apply.

Documents to be included

Interested candidates must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications:

  1. CV including records on past experience in similar projects/assignments and concrete outputs obtained;
  2. Portfolio of projects conducted/participated in (including description of role), as well as products developed (if any);
  3. Financial proposal - in USD, specifying a total lump sum amount and the number of anticipated working days, incorporated in the Offeror’s Letter to UNDP confirming interest and availability for the Individual Contractor (IC) assignment.
  4. Copies of relevant professional licenses (if any).

Financial proposal

The financial proposal shall specify a total lump sum amount, and payment terms around specific and measurable (qualitative and quantitative) deliverables (i.e. whether payments fall in installments or upon completion of the entire contract). Payments are based upon output, i.e. upon delivery of the services specified in the TOR. In order to assist the requesting unit in the comparison of financial proposals, the financial proposal will include a breakdown of this lump sum amount (including fee per day, travel, per diem, mobile phone costs, number of anticipated working days, etc.).



No travel is envisaged under present assignment. In the case of unforeseeable travel, payment of travel costs including tickets, lodging and terminal expenses should be agreed upon, between the respective business unit and Individual Consultant, prior to travel and will be reimbursed.

Individual contractor who is over 62 years of age will be required, prior to contract signature, to undergo full medical examination and obtain medical clearance from an UN-approved doctor or his/her own preferred physician. The medical examination shall be issued and submitted to UNDP Moldova upon request.