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Local Individual Consultant on ending violence against women

Vacancy Number: Pr21/02286

Location:Chisinau, Moldova
Application Deadline: 16 Aug 2021, 23:00 (GMT+2:00)
Application Extended deadline:
18 Aug 2021, 17:00 (GMT+2:00)
Type of Contract:N/A
Starting date: 20 Aug 2021
Reference to the project: UN Women
Expected Duration of Assignment:
Supporting Documents:
ToR Local Individual Consultant on ending violence against women
Annex I
Annex II
Annex III
Personal History Form (P11) UN Women
UN Women Conditions of Service Consultants


UN Women, grounded in the vision of equality enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, works for the elimination of discrimination against women and girls, the empowerment of women and the achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace and security. Placing women's rights at the center of all its efforts, UN Women leads and coordinates the United Nations system efforts to ensure that commitments on gender equality and gender mainstreaming translate into action throughout the world.    

The work of UN Women in Moldova is guided by its Country Strategic Note for 2018-2022, aligned with the Republic of Moldova–United Nations Partnership Framework for Sustainable Development 2018–2022the Global Strategic Plan of UN Women for 2018-2021, the National Strategy on Gender Equality for 2017-2021 (NSGE), the National Strategy for prevention and combating violence against women and domestic violence for 2018-2023 elaborated in line with the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence (Istanbul Convention). UN Women Strategy for Moldova 2018-2022 focuses on three main areas: 1) strengthening women’s participation in politics and decision making, 2) economic empowerment of women and 3) ending violence against women and girls. To achieve progress under these areas, UN Women works with a variety of national and international partners and as part of different national and regional initiatives.  

Based on the European Commission Decision ENI/2018/041-302 regarding the Annual Action Program 2018 in favor of the Republic of Moldova for support for the implementations of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement, UN Women Moldova CO is implementing a three-year project (January 2020 – December 2022) under the name “Strengthened Gender Action in Cahul and Ungheni districts” (hereinafter EVA). The project is implemented in line with and in contribution to the Gender Action Plan II (GAP II) of European Commission “Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment: Transforming the lives of girls and women through externa relations 2016-2020”, adopted in September 2015. 

The project started in January 2020, funded by the European Union, co-founded and implemented by UN Women Moldova Country Office and in partnership with UNICEF. The overall purpose of the EVA Project is to promote gender equality, women’s empowerment through strengthened implementation of gender mainstreaming in local policies and combating gender-based and domestic violence affecting women and children in two focal regions: Ungheni and Cahul.

One of the expected results under EVA Project is that gender equality is promoted and mainstreamed in local policy making and decision-making. The project supports Cahul and Ungheni localities to integrate gender equality in their policies and budgets, through training elected and appointed representatives of the LPAs on gender equality and gender mainstreaming and its implications for decisions taken by the LPAs;  supporting LPAs to contribute to the principles of the European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life; raising the capacities and knowledge on women’s rights of local CSOs  which advocate for gender equality; raising awareness of local population from selected regions on gender equality and empower women to actively participate in local decision-making processes.

Another set of expected results under EVA project refers to a greater access to effective survivor - focused multidisciplinary services for the victims of domestic violence, including sexual violence; and violence prevention programs piloted in local schools and communities. In this sense, UN Women EVA Project supports strengthening the capacities of the multidisciplinary teams for an effective protection of women/children victims of domestic violence, empowering domestic violence survivors, and using innovative tools to raise the capacities of local civil society to change attitudes and behaviors on gender-based violence.   


In order to advance the development of a specialist service for victims of sexual violence from Cahul and Ungheni regions based on best EU practices in the field, UN Women will contract a local consultant with experience in ending violence against women. The consultant, in close collaboration with UN Women, will offer expert support in organising two (2) high-level missions for national and local stakeholders to two (2) EU Member State to learn from European experience best approaches for providing victim-oriented services to victims of sexual violence.

Scope of work

The UN Women within EVA project seeks to contract one consultant (hereinafter “the consultant”) to support the organisation two (2) study visits in a European Union Member State (EUMS) for the stakeholders responsible for assisting victims/survivors of sexual violence at local level.

The consultant is expected to work under the supervision of the EVA Programme Manager and in close collaboration with the EVA EVAW Officer for the effective achievement of results.

More specifically, the consultant will be responsible for the following main tasks:

  • Identify the countries for two (2) study visits[1];
  • Provide expert support in drafting the terms of reference for counterpart international consultant (s) in the selected EUMS;
  • Consult the project team in identifying the local counterpart organization/institutions in the EUMS for organizing the study visit and agenda development;
  • Provide expert and technical support in the organization of two (2) study visits for stakeholders responsible for service provision for victims of sexual violence in Cahul and Ungheni region, inclusively traveling with the local team to EUMS.
  • Prepare reports related to the study visits on sharing good practices from EU countries on service provision to victims of sexual violence.



The assignment should be carried out starting with August 2021, with the incumbent being responsible for delivering services in agreement with the workplan and methodology established, including the deliverables stated in the table below.


Activities and Deliverables

Tentative timeframe for completion of task

Tentative number of days required for accomplishment of task


List of the relevant European Union countries with best practices on services for victims of sexual violence, based on the developed note and ProDoc, taking into account COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

Identify the local counterparts in the EUMS for organizing the study visits.

Concept Note of the study visits developed.

If COVID pandemic restrictions will not allow for identifying at least one EUMS country and counterpart institution available to partner with UN Women in the study visit, the next stages of the assignment shall be postponed for a later period.

August 26, 2021

Up to 3 days


Close coordination of agenda for the study visits with the counterparts in the EUMS.

Terms of Reference for international experts/consultants in supporting the study visits in identified EU country.

September 10, 2021

Up to 10 days


Support the organization of two (2) study visits for stakeholders responsible for assisting and supporting victims of sexual violence in Cahul and Ungheni region: logistical note, list of participants, agendas, communication with international consultants/experts, coordination of the entire activities, including logistical part.

September 15, 2021


October 10, 2021

Up to 17 days


Participate in two study visits in the EUMS and offer logistical support during the visits, collecting minutes, inclusively ensure informal translation upon need.

September 15, 2021


October 10, 2021

Up to 10 days


Report related to the study visits on sharing good practice and experience of EU countries on service provision to victims of sexual violence.


November 30, 2021

Up to 10 days



Up to 50 days


The consultant should be ready to conduct the assignment online if the COVID-19 restrictions are maintained. Zoom link will be provided by the UN Women office.


It is expected that the consultant shall start work in August 2021 with work being completed by the November 30, 2021, in conformity with the indicative timeframe described under “Deliverables” section.

Period of the task implementation is of circa 4 months which covers the preparation of two 5-days study visits (concept note; logistic note; ensuring communication with international experts and counterparts; logistics for study visits in EUMS; etc.). If COVID pandemic restrictions will not allow for identifying at least one EUMS country and counterpart institution available to partner with UN Women in the study visit, the study visits shall be postponed for a later period.

Note: The mentioned number of working days has been estimated as being sufficient/ feasible for the envisaged volume of work to be completed successfully and is proposed as a guideline for the duration of the assignment. It cannot and shall not be used as criteria for completion of work/assignment. The provision of envisaged deliverables approved by the UN Women EVA Programme Manager shall be the only criteria for the Consultant’s work being completed and eligible for payment/s.


UN Women will provide the Consultant with the background materials, UN Women procurement procedures, as well as other relevant materials with regards to implementation of the tasks under this TOR.


All travel and logistics needed for the successful implementation of the tasks and deliverables presented above will be covered by UN Women.


Consultant’s performance will be evaluated against such criteria as: timeliness, responsibility, initiative, communication, accuracy, and quality of the products delivered. All reports must be provided in English, electronically.


Payment will be disbursed to the consultant in one instalment after completing the assignment, upon submission of the report on deliverables and achieved results and certification by the supervisor that the services have been satisfactorily performed.


The Consultant is expected to report and coordinate regularly with the EVA Programme Manager on the progress of the completion of the deliverables. The proposer is also expected to inform in a written form UN Women of any unforeseen challenge or risk that might occur during the duration of the assignment, as well come with a backup plan to ensure the accomplishment of deliverables.

Requirements for experience


  • University degree in the area of law, gender studies, international relations, social sciences, or an area relevant to the requirements of the TOR.


  • Minimum three (3) years of relevant practical experience in gender-based violence, including sexual violence.
  • Previous experience in organization of at least 2 national trainings or one international study visit;
  • Experience in the EU system, UN system and international organizations is an asset.

Language requirements:

  • Fluency in written and oral Romanian and English are required.


Core Values

  • Respect for Diversity;
  • Integrity;

Core Competencies


Documents to be included

Interested candidates are invited to submit their online applications by August 16, 2021 with the following documents.

  • Duly filled Personal History Form PHF11/CV (please download from
  • Letter of Intent to include a brief overview on consultant previous experiences makes the candidate the most suitable candidate for the advertised position. It should reflect the above mentioned required skills and experience.
  • Financial proposal – specifying a total lump sum amount for the task specified in Terms of References. The Financial proposal shall include a breakdown of this lump sum amount (daily rate). Please see ANNEX I and ANNEX II.

Financial proposal

The applicants are requested to submit their price proposals in MDL. In case of proposals in other currency, these shall be converted into MDL using the official UN exchange rate for currency MDL conversion to MDL at the date of applications’ submission deadline.