Title: EU4MD / Developing Brand and Marketing Strategy.

Reg. no.: RfP23/02766

Launch date: 26 October 2023, 17:50 (GMT+3:00)

Deadline: 15 November 2023, 16:30 (GMT+3:00)

Extended deadline: 22 November 2023, 16:30 (GMT+3:00)

Procurement method: Request for Proposal

Category & Sub-category: Services;Communications&Media Services


United Nations Development Programme, hereinafter referred to as UNDP, through "EU4Moldova Focal Regions Programme" Project, hereby invites prospective proposers to submit a proposal for Developing Brand and Marketing Strategy in accordance with the General Conditions of Contract and the Terms of Reference as set out in this Request for Proposal (RFP).

To enable you to submit a proposal, please read the following attached documents carefully.

Section 1: This Letter of Invitation

Section 2: Instruction to Proposers

Section 3: Data Sheet 

Section 4: Evaluation Criteria

Section 5: Terms of Reference

Section 6: Conditions of Contract and Contract Forms

Section 7: Proposal Forms

- Form A: Proposal confirmation

- Form B: Checklist

- Form C: Technical Proposal Submission

- Form D: Proposer Information

- Form E: Joint Venture/Consortium/Association Information

- Form F: Eligibility and Qualification

- Form G: Format for Technical Proposal

- Form H: Format for CV of Proposed Key Personnel

- Form I: Statement of Exclusivity and Availability

- Form J: Financial Proposal Submission

- Form K: Format for Financial Proposal

If you are interested in submitting a proposal in response to this RFP, please prepare your proposal in accordance with the requirements and procedure as set out in this RFP and submit it by the deadline for submission of proposals set out in Section 3: Data Sheet.

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Should you require further clarifications on the application through the Quantum online portal, kindly contact the Procurement Unit at sc.md@undp.org. Please pay attention that the proposal shall be submitted online through the Quantum system and any proposal sent to the above email shall be disqualified.

Should you require further clarifications on the Request for Proposal, Terms of Reference or other requirements, kindly communicate using the messaging functionality in the portal.

Deadline for Submission of Offers (Date and Time), which is visible in the online procurement system will be final. System will not accept submission of any proposal after that date and time. It is the responsibility of the bidder to make sure that the proposal is submitted prior to this deadline for submission.

Bidders are advised to upload proposal documents and to submit their offer a day prior or well before the date and time indicated under the deadline for submission of Offers. Do not wait until last minute. If Bidder faces any issue during submitting offers at the last minutes prior to the deadline for submission, UNDP may not be able to assist on such a short notice and will not be held liable in such instance. UNDP will not accept any offer that is not submitted directly through the System.

We look forward to receiving your proposal.

UNDP Moldova


The Contractor shall take full responsibility for the execution and delivery of the following tasks and outputs to achieve the objectives of the assignment (for each of Clusters separately) as described below:

1. Project Initiation:

  • Elaborate concept/ methodology of brand development;
  • Provide a detailed work plan and timeline of activities.

2. Research and evaluate local conditions, specialization, advantages/ disadvantages:

  • Study relevant experience of Clusters brands/ logos in other countries, modern trends;
  • Review Cluster activity plans, research on local development priorities;
  • Evaluate media landscape in the region, including social media;
  • Meet the main stakeholders (local authorities, business, SCO, media). Identification of Clusters strengths and advantages, in the purpose to elaborate concept/ methodology of brand development.

3. Logo/Slogans development and testing to target audiences:

  • Create draft logos (at least 3 logos per iteration);
  • Elaborate slogans in Romanian and English (at least 3 slogans in each language);
  • Brainstorm with Programme team/partners and shortlist 2 logos and slogans in each language to be tested among target audiences;
  • Use Google forms for surveys or other relevant tools to test logos and slogans among target groups. The target group should have minimum 10 persons (min 2 persons from SCO, LPA, Business, local media);
  • Test the English version of slogan. At least 10 English speaking experts to be checked;
  • One logo, as well as Romanian, and English slogans are selected.

4. Create the Brand Book, Brand and Marketing Strategy:

  • Develop the Final version of logo, Romanian, and English slogans;
  • Elaborate the Brand Book comprising Brand introduction, Logo guidelines, Fonts, Tagline, Colour palettes, guidelines for Cluster page on FB/ Instagram;
  • Identify target audiences at regional/national/international level, promotion mix to be used, best media channels to address;
  • Select and propose promotional channels. For this purpose, supported patented technologies and driven digital marketing tools (online marketing platforms to deliver lead generation, marketing automation, search engine optimization, social media marketing and online reputation management) are to be considered;
  • Elaborate the Brand and Marketing Strategy to include the following elements – Perception and awareness of branding to key target groups, Mission, Objectives, Key messages/Slogans, Target Audiences, Communication channels and tools, Evaluation of impact;
  • Elaborate Banner design (3570mm x 2250mm) and roll up design (80x200 cm) and flyer design (A5) for participation at expositions.

5. Elaboration of a compliant labelling of the products only for 3 clusters: Shepherding Cluster Cahul, Apiculture Cluster Cahul, Winemaking Cluster Cahul:

  • Developing a compliant labelling of products - three (3) labels designs per each cluster.

6. Promotion Action Plan:

  • Develop the Promotion Action Plan: the main communications actions, IT tools, channels, including digital marketing, activities’ timeline, monitoring and evaluation indicators and targets to be included;
  • Present detailed first year Promotion Budget;
  • Provide the sample list of promotional events and timing. Identify both National and International Business events;
  • Recommend promotional channels. The promotion activity is to be implemented by each Cluster.
  • A Company-member of the Furniture Cluster Ungheni plans to open in January 2024 a Showroom (400 m2) within the factory premises. Include the promotion concept in the Promotion Action Plan.

Supporting documents:

Quantum - User Guide for Suppliers - English
Quantum - User Guide for Suppliers - Russian
RfP23_02766_Developing Brand and Marketing Strategy
RfP23_02766_Section 7 - Proposal Forms
Self-registration guide for companies
UNDP_General Terms and Conditions for goods and services

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